Guidance Class Lessons, Individual & Group Counseling & More!

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Classroom Guidance 

While each year differs on how often I see each grade level based on the scheduling needs I am able to see each class at least once a quarter for a Guidance Lesson. These lessons are designed to support the social emotional needs of the students as well as follows the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors model. 

Some topics that might be discussed in classroom guidance lessons include:

Character Skills
Teamwork/Decision Making/Problem Solving
Little SPOT of Feelings
What Does a School Counselor Do?
Conflict Resolution
Healthy Choices & Consequences
Recognizing & Appreciating Individual Differences/Ethnic & Cultural Diversity
Goal Setting
And More!

school counselor website
Individual Counseling

I provide individual counseling to our students based on social-emotional, academic/career, and coping skills needs. This resource is designed to help guide students to a better understanding of their emotions, resolve conflict, and define goals to be reached.
Some topics that might be discussed in individual counseling include: 

Friendship Problems
Study Skills
Organization Skills
Communication/Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution/Issues of Bullying
Goal Setting & Decision Making
And More!

Individual counseling is short-term in nature so depending on the student's need, I may need to refer the child to other counseling resources to better meet their individual counseling needs. 

*Please Note*

Individual Counseling requires parent permission if I am to work with a student for more than 2 sessions. Students may be referred counseling by student self referral, teacher referral, parent referral, administration referral or other staff member referral. Individual sessions lasting requiring more than 6 ongoing sessions will be referred to an outside counseling resource. 

Small Group Counseling

Group counseling services are offered for students in all grades. Small groups help students with many different skills based on certain areas of need.

Some group topics may include:

Self-Control/Anger Management
Changing Families (Divorce/Death)
New to School
And More!

Group counseling occurs during lunch time or another time that does not interfere with their classroom instruction. I encourage students during our sessions to help each other and share ideas. Students for small group counseling can be referred through the MTSS behavioral system, teacher referral or administration referral. Students are selected based on need and/or grade level assessments. Small groups consist of 3-6 students and generally last 6-8 weeks. 


*Please Note*

Small Group Counseling requires Parent Permission if the student is not referred through the MTSS behavioral system.